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Barcelona: A “Game Plan” until 2030

Parco giochi a Barcellona (fonte: El Pais)

Plan de Juego en el Espacio Público 2020-2030 is a ten-year program aimed at supporting the right to play in public spaces. The program is promoted by Barcelona’s mayor Ana Colau, who presented the plan last week during an event also attended by Francesco Tonucci.

Creating a city friendly to play in its public spaces presupposes a change of global vision and letting go the notion of traditional play areas for children, located in enclosed spaces, with no relation to the surrounding environment and offering limited play. Plan de Juego, which should come into action next year, relies on a new way of understanding children’s play as a priority for neighborhood life.

The project involves a series of very practical activities, including the following: “No Playing” signs changed into recommendations for respectful use of recreational spaces; the closure of some streets on public holidays to allow children to play outside; and the establishment of play workshops in squares.

Finally, there will be financial support for this initiative: the municipality of Barcelona has announced an investment of 20 million euros to create 89 new parks or recreational spaces and to renovate another 150. This way, by 2030 Barcelona could become a model of a child-friendly city.


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