The return of the city of children in Latin America

Incontro della Rete a Rosario: da sinistra Antonella Prisco, Chiqui Gonzalez, Francesco Tonucci e Lorena Morachimo

Eight countries, twenty-four cities and more than eighty participants: these are the figures from the second meeting of the Latin American City of Children Network, which took place in October 2018, in Rosario, Argentina. The countries currently constituting the network are: Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Chile and Peru.

The meeting was organized under the program “Triptyque of childhood, politics and the poetic, a little congress for adults”, with the aim of better connecting the cities and the institutions that participate in the network and to evaluate the initiatives taken.

This initiative began with a conference inaugurated by Chiqui Gonzales on 17 October in the Cultural Center Parque de España at Teatro Principe delle Asturie, during which Francesco Tonucci presented the project “The City of Children, a new philosophy for urban policy”.

The following day, the Latin American network presented details of their work and participants took part in group activities, discussing the results achieved and coming up with new proposals to make “The City of Children” international project grow more and more.

At the end of the meeting, based on the experience of the Spanish network, it was decided to rotate the hosting cities, both nationally and across the Latin American network. Therefore the first Argentinian network meeting will take place next April in La Plata, and the next Latin American Network meeting will be held in Lima in 2020.


Incontro della Rete a Rosario: da sinistra Lorena Morachimo e Antonella Prisco 

Isla del los inventos, Rosario

Foto di gruppo alla sede del Laboratorio di Rosario “La ciudad de los niños”