About us

In 1996 the National Research Council (CNR) Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies (ISTC) established "The city of children" research group for the support and coordination of cities participating in the international project.

The research group resulted in  The city of children” International Laboratory which, in addition to research activity, promotes the project to city administrators, trains professionals in the sector and coordinates local networks that have been established in these years.

Francesco Tonucci

An educationist and creator of "The city of children" project, which he spread to Italy, Spain and Latin America, Francesco Tonucci publishes satirical cartoons on educational issues signing them Frato.

Antonella Prisco

Since 1999, when she discovered a happy fusion of her passions – children and politics – in "The City of Children" project, Ms Prisco has been working in the Psychology of Child Participation Laboratory at the CNR-ISTC. She was one of the entertainers of the Children's Council of the Municipality of Rome from 2001 to 2008 and currently coordinates the Italian Network of Cities.

Daniela Renzi

A psychologist and psychotherapist, Daniela Renzi has been part of the Psychology of Child Participation Laboratory at the ISTC-CNR since 2003. Ms Renzi’s activities include promoting and implementing the project, training professionals and scientific research, in particular the effects of the activities promoted by the project.

Lorena Morachimo

Coordinator of the Latin American Network; Coordinator of the Spanish Network.