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The Network of the Lazio Region

The Lazio Region with DGR no. 408 of 26 November 2013, joins the international project The City of Children and establishes the specific Regional Project called "Lazio, the Region of Children", making use of the scientific collaboration of the Institute of Sciences and Technologies of Cognition of the CNR for its realisation.

In order to dedicate human resources to the Project, the Lazio Region has activated in the Regional Natural Capital Directorate, Parks and Protected Areas the Service "Lazio, the Region of Children".

Through the Project "Lazio, the Region of Children", the Region proposes to the Municipalities of its territory a new philosophy of city governance, assuming the child as a paradigm of the actions necessary to change it, and through which to realise autonomy projects of displacement and participation put in place by mayors and administrators to make the city more liveable, sustainable and better for all citizens.

Currently, 20 Municipalities and 2 Roman Municipalities are part of the Regional Network: Ariccia, Arce, Capena, Castel Madama, Casperia, Castel S. Elia, Ceprano, Formia, Genazzano, Latina, Lenola, Maenza, Monte S. Biagio, Oriolo Romano, Priverno, Rieti, Santa Marinella, Roma (V and VIII Municipality), Subiaco, Vasanello, Vignanello.

The regional network was set up through the implementation of awareness-raising and training activities for administrators and representatives of the municipalities belonging to the network.

The creation of the regional network has also allowed the signing of a partnership agreement with the Municipality of Rieti (leader), the Province of Rieti, the Lazio Region - Regional Directorate of Natural Capital, Parks and Protected Areas, the Municipalities of Subiaco, Vasanello and Casperia for the realization of the project "At school we go alone" , under the "National experimental programme for sustainable mobility home-school and home-work" of the Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the Sea (MATTM) .

Two international and one regional conferences were also held; the first international conference about autonomous mobility " Autonomy is health" in 2015 and the second with child participation "THE CHILDREN'S COUNCIL - Why do girls and boys have to participate in the governance of the Cities?"  in 2017.  The regional conference "Why we need children to save cities" included the presentation of the experiences carried out by the Municipalities of the Network".

The research activity has provided:

  • a survey on the autonomous mobility of children, carried out at the Municipalities of Casperia, Formia, Genazzano, Subiaco and Vasanello;
  • the evaluation activity of the project "Lazio, the Region of Children".

In the framework of the collaboration agreement, the "Participatory planning manual with children", dedicated to the proposal of the Participated Design, published in 2018 was finally realised and published from the ZeroSeiUp publishing house.