“Pedestrians First!” Campaign Manual

In this manual you will find a description of the “Pedestrians First!” campaign, which came out of the Rome Council of children, set up by Walter Veltroni. The children asked the Mayor for permission to go out on their own, and consequently, to make changes to the city so it would be less dangerous by modifying the streets and crossroads and changing the behavior of motorists. The children made a commitment to use children’s fines and educate their parents to respect the rights of pedestrians. Through the “Pedestrians First!” campaign, the children have developed proposals to re-educate adults to respect pedestrian rights and in particular to respect article 191 of the Highway Code, which establishes the pedestrian right-of-way on pedestrian crossings. They have studied the bad practice of motorists, made use of moral fines to sanction them, have invented slogans and created posters to promote the transition from a car-based policy to a pedestrian-based policy.

Download the manual “Pedestrians First!”

In addition to the manual, it is possible to download the campaign materials:
Survey form of motorists’ infringements
The children take surveys in pairs (one writes, the other one observes) and in half an hour they register the cars and motorcycles that do not respect pedestrians’ right of way.
The moral fine
Moral fines will be placed on cars and motorcycles parked on pedestrian crossings or on pavements. The children are able to write up a logbook, in which they note their experiences and any anecdotes that have struck them.
Parental re-education sticker
Parental re-education will be assisted by stickers to remind parents to give way to pedestrians, even when their child is not in the car.
The manifesto
Schools will compete to produce the best campaign manifesto

The winning manifesto of the campaign