1. Joining the project

The project subscription happens through the mayor’s signature of an Adhesion Form. The subscription is then formalized by a Resolution of the Council and/or of the City Council, because the project is transversal and involves all the sectors of the administration. It is important to clarify that the project does not only concern children, their problems and their services, but the entire city and therefore all the departments and administrative sectors.

 2. The "City of Children" Laboratory
The participating cities are invited to open a "City of Children" Laboratory. The Laboratory is the working group selected by the mayor to manage the project at local level and to mediate between the administration and the children. It also serves to create and maintain the network of the various social actors involved in the project, which is necessary for the success of the project itself.

The Laboratory also maintains relations with the national and international coordination of the project. It is also the place where the working group operates and the Council of Children meets. During these meetings, children are called by the mayor to give their contribution to the government and planning of the city. All the adults (teachers, municipal technicians, representatives of associations, etc.) involved in the activities with children also meet at the Laboratory, and here the materials and document produced during the project are collected.